Lake Merritt With Trees and Cows
Gift of Mr. Gustav. H. Schneider

Pencil sketches of Oakland.--1877-1887 by Ferd. Rickardt resident of Oakland 1875-1895 (Oak trees--building--Lake Merritt etc. Artists name appears in Mallett's "Guide to Artists" as Joaquim Ferdinand Richardt and in German dictionary of Artists (in U. C. Library) Noted for drawings and landscape paintings. Sketch of cows grazing by trees, with Lake Merritt nearby. Ducks in foreground near shore, and sailboats are on the lake. A group of large buildings in the background. "Oakland" handwritten in pencil on lower right hand corner, front of sketch. (J. Lippett 1/2002) Two sheets of paper have been glued together in the left quarter of the drawing.
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