July 4, 1876
Tubbs Hotel, Oakland
Gift of Sheldon Reynolds Kellogg

Gold Fever! The Lure and Legacy of the California Gold Rush. Jan. 24, 1998 - Oct. 31, 1999

Bill of Fare July 4, 1876. Printed on silk. Oakland Heritage Alliance News, Spring-Summer 1997 Pages 1 through 4. By Penny Mendelsohn, 8/02 The area of Oakland known variously as Clinton Park, Brooklyn, and more recently, New Chinatown or East Lake, was located in the vicinity of 6th Avenue and East 14th Street. In the 1860's, fashionable Victorian homes were built in the area by prominent businessmen of the day. Among those was Hiram Tubbs, founder of Tubbs' Cordage. Tubbs, with his brother, also built the Tubbs Hotel as a resort destination in 1870, between 4th and 5th Avenues and East 14th and East 12th Streets. They also built a streetcar line to carry guests from downtown Oakland to the hotel. Famous guests included Anthony Chabot, builder of the Chabot Dam, Robert Louis Stevenson, and Gertrude and Leo Stein, with their father, Daniel Stein. In August of 1893, the Tubbs Hotel was destroyed by a massive fire.
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