Souvenir Plate of Oakland. Material: glass (china). Shape: round. Color: yes. Date: ca. 1900. Description: Written on plate: Souvenir of Oakland, California. Has color picture -with titles- of: First National Bank Building, Stanford Unviersity, Library Group, Unviersity of California, Lake Merritt From the History Information Station: Object: Plate. "Souvenir of Oakland, Cal." Showing the First National Bank building, at San Pablo Avenue and Broadway, surrounded by pictures of the University of California at Berkeley, Stanford University, and Lake Merritt. History: Like most California cities, Oakland grew by leaps and bounds in the first years of the twentieth century. Many new, modern buildings reflected the city's prosperity. Souvenirs like this plate were produced to celebrate the highlights of Oakland's new downtown. The First National Bank's striking "flatiron" building (named for its triangular shape) was built in 1907-1908, and was one of Oakland's most impressive sights. The building still stands today, after narrowly escaping demolition following the 1989 earthquake. Gift of Bertram F. Carter

Used: souvenir ~ Oakland | Lake Merritt | Downtown neighborhood

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