8 in WIDE x 3 in DEEP
(20.32 cm WIDE x 7.62 cm DEEP)
Gift of Mrs. M. E. Schlichtmann

Early California Art and History, Science Special Gallery, December 2007 - September 2009

Bag of mineral samples, marked "J. Estudillo", he was born in 1844, Rancho San Leandro, letter attached dated 1888. From the History Information Station: Object: White canvas bag, containing mineral samples. Marked "J. Estudillo." History: The Estudillo family descended from Jose Maria Estudillo, who arrived in California in l806 as a soldier stationed at the presidio in Monterey. One of his two sons, Jose Joaquin Estudillo, became Alcalde (mayor) of San Francisco in the l830's. J.J. Estudillo settled the Rancho San Leandro which has become the city of San Leandro. Jesus Maria Estudillo, who owned this pouch, was born in l844 on the Rancho San Leandro. Gold Rush miners favored pouches for carrying gold. Little pouches were called pokes, and could be worn inside a miner's shirt. Bigger pouches were for luckier miners, or for a long-saved accumulation of nuggets.

Used: California | J. Estudiullo | Rancho San Leandro

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