(Infant Son of Marietta Stow)
c. 1856
Gift of Constance Perham, Curator

Daguerreotype; Description: 1 Daguerreotype in case of Birdie Bell, in whose memory the Junior Republic was founded. He was the son of Dr. Snow who died as an infant. (D. Curry, 4/23/98) According to a document in the doner's file, this is the son of Marietta Stow not Snow. Birdie was the little boys nickname, and he was the product of Mrs. Stow's first marriage. His last name was never Stow. He died before Mrs. Stow came to California in the 1860s raising money for the widows and orphans of the Civil War. Mrs. Stow became an advide women's right activist writing two books on the injustice of the probate laws in California. She established the Social Science Sisterhood in San Francisco in 1880 which was intended as a place for independent, unmarried women to be together. She operated a newspaper for her society and ran for Governor of California in 1882. She also ran for vice-president of the United States in 1884, with Belva Ann Lockwood (a prominent east coast lawyer) running for President. Later in life, Mrs. Stow operated a kingergarten, the Junior Republic, in Oakland in the memory of her dead son.

Used: California

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