mid 1800's
72 in HIGH x 48 in WIDE x 18 in DEEP
(182.88 cm HIGH x 121.92 cm WIDE x 45.72 cm DEEP)
Gift of W. J. Chynowith

California Kitchen

Food storage cabinet. Material: wood. Shape: rect. Color: grey brown. Period or Date: mid 1800's. Description: from an old house near Amador City, Calif. Last used ca. 1919. This cabinet hs four compartments the bottom two have shelves. From the History Information Station: Object: Homemade wooden cupboard. History: Along with the other cupboard in this exhibit, this was used in the mid-19th century in a house in Amador City, California. eccept for very fancy houses, most homes were built without pantries or closets until the turn of the 20th century, so food and dishes were stored in freesatanding cupboards. Such cupboards could be purchased but, like this one, they were usually made at home.

Used: food | Amador City

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