circa 1860

Birth Marriage Death Case 7/79 MG

Widow's weed. Material: crepe. Color: black. Description: trimmed in white worn by the mourning wife. Originally given to Concours by Mrs. DeCoto, Seaview Ave., Piedmont From the History Information Station: Object: Bonnet, silk crepe, with a long veil. Circa 1865 History: This is a mourning bonnet, specifically for mourning a husband's death. Victorian widows had to observe a formal period of mourning, during which they were restricted in what they could wear. Draping themselves in crepe was most important. Crepe was considered the most somber of fabrics, a very deep black with no shine or shimmer to seem frivolous or disrespectful. When she went outside a widow pulled the cepe veil over her head, completely covering her face to conceal her private expressions of grief.

Used: adult | Female | Mourning

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