mid 19th c.
13.5 in HIGH x 20.5 in WIDE x 20.25 in DEEP
(34.29 cm HIGH x 52.07 cm WIDE x 51.43 cm DEEP)
Museum Purchase

Rancho platform 9.69

Copper tub. Used in the Mother Lode, Ca. for cooking, washing at diggings. tag-used in mining county" for cooking, washing at diggings From the History Information Station: Object: Copper pot used in the 19th century for cooking and washing at Mother Lode. Mother Lode is the name given to the major area of gold-bearing quartz in California. It is a section of the state about 120 miles long that stretches from Mariposa County in the south to Georgetown in El Dorado County. History: Copper is a soft, malleable metal which is easy to shape by hammering. The repeated hammering also hardens the metal. Because copper is durable and resistant to rust, it was often used in the manufacture of storage and carrying vessels like one. You may be more familiar with the use of copper for cooking vessels. Copper conducts heat well and is light, so it is well suited for cooking. However, as hot copper surfaces poison the food they come into contact with, copper cooking pots must be lined with tin. The value of both copper and the copper pot can be seen the manner in which this vessel has been carefully mended for continued use. Museum Purchase

Used: Mother Lode | Digging | Cooking | Laundry | Washing

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