c. 1830
2 in HIGH
(5.08 cm HIGH)
Mrs. A. Chick

Set of deep yellow utilitarian pottery (bowls, milk dishes, molds), 11 pieces; blue transferware platter, cake plate, and covered sugar bowl. I: cake plate, round, footed, white and blue transfer ceramic, with flower decorations. Additional from History Information Station: (HTryon) Object: Footed blue and white cake plate, made around 1830. Known as transferware because of the method of glazing, wich involved transfering the pattern onto the platter with a paper transfer. The process was much cheaper than hand painting and made inexpensive dishes almost as pretty as fancy porcelain. Many dishes today are decorated in a similar manner. History: Like most sugery foods, cake was a favorite dessert in the 19th century. But it was hard to make in a frontier kitchen, and it was expensive until sugar prices dropped after the civil War. Thus this plate was probably used only on special occasions.

Used: culinary

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