c. 1830
1.5 in HIGH x 12 in WIDE x 15.5 in DEEP
(3.81 cm HIGH x 30.48 cm WIDE x 39.37 cm DEEP)
Mrs. A. Chick

Set of deep yellow utilitarian pottery (bowls, milk dishes, molds), 11 pieces; blue transferware platter, cake plate, and covered sugar bowl. J: serving platter, octagonal, white and blue transferware, with a central scene of couples in a garden, with a lake, a gazebo and a large state house in the background. Additional from History Information Station: (HTryon) Object: Blue-patterned china platter, made around 1830. Known as transferware because of the method of glazing, which involved transfering the pattern onto the platter with a paper transfer. The process was much cheaper than hand painting, and made inexpensive dishes almost as pretty as fancy porcelain. Many dishes today are decorated in a similar manner. History: This platter was brought to California in the 19th century. Early California housewives often used large platters to serve the large meals they cooked for their large families, and for the large numbers of boarders and hired men they took in.

Used: culinary

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