c. 1830
2 in HIGH x 2.5 in WIDE x 4 in DEEP
(5.08 cm HIGH x 6.35 cm WIDE x 10.16 cm DEEP)
Mrs. A. Chick

Set of deep yellow utilitarian pottery (bowls, milk dishes, molds), 11 pieces; blue transferware platter, cake plate, and covered sugar bowl. K: lid of sugar bowl (base is "L"), white ceramic with small flowers Additional from History Information Station: (HTryon) Object: Sugar bowl with lid. Made of molded white earthenware, or whiteware, a fine clay used since the early 19th century for factory-produced household dishes. Made in the U.S. or England, circa 1840. History: Before the Civil War white sugar was an expensive treat. All but the wealthiest people used white sugar mainly for special desserts and at tea parties, where it was served in decorative sugar bowls like this one. On the rontier, people used brown sugar or honey or molasses most of the time, but even in the cupboard a sugar bowl was a visible reminder of one's ties to the social rituals of Eastern settled life and "polite society."

Used: culinary

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