19th-20th century
55 in HIGH x 25 in WIDE x 1 in DEEP
(139.70 cm HIGH x 63.50 cm WIDE x 2.54 cm DEEP)
Gift of Mr. Charles M. Schivieso

shop sign; Description: large Chinese sign, black w/gold characters - obtained in California and probably used here, 19th-20th c. redwood plank - donor thinks legend translates "Company of great virtue" or something similar (this is probably not correct) From the History Information Station: This store sign, like many of the street and store signs near the Oakland Museum, is written in Chinese characters. The sign used to hang outside a store that housed a Chinese herbalist and jewelry manufacturer in San Francisco. It reads: P'u, General or Universal Hua, Splendor or Chinese Kung, Public Szu, Officer Together Kung Szu also "company." So you could read the sign, "Chinese General Store" or "Universal Splendor Company."

Used: Chinese American | California | Chinese ~ shop

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