Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. S. Leiter

"Fans, Unfolding History," Richmond Museum, Apr-Aug. 1883

White satin lady's shoes with heels, worn by M.J. Havens at her marriage in 1887. From the History Information Station: Object: Wedding pumps, white satin, circa 185. Marked "Hurber." Pumps like these were worn for formal occasions other than weddings, too. History: The bride who wore these shoes was married in white, but many Victorian brides wore other colors. Some women simply wore their nicest dresses, and others made new dresses and then kept them to wear for other formal events. The shoes always matched the dress, so only a woman in a white dress wore white shoes. These shoes are not made with a left and a right side, but are supposed to be switched around to make them wear evenly.

Used: M.J. Havens ~ marriage

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