c. 1848
3.25 in HIGH
(8.25 cm HIGH)
Gift of Miss Joyce Lobner & Mrs. Hope Cahill

California Kitchen Exhibit

3 cups & saucers. Date: c. 1848. Description: white china w/ gold band on edge. Purchased by Eliza Lang Harmon Perkins before her marriage in 1848. From the History Information Station: This bone china cup and saucer have gilt trim. Made in or before 1848. Not marked. Bone china is made from clay mixed with bone ash, in imitation of more expensive porcelain. In contrast to the heavy, practical ironstone dishes in this exhibit, this china teacup brings a bit of refinement to the frontier. Purchased in 1848 as part of Eliza Land Harmon Perkins' trousseau, it was brought to California in 1873 when the family settled in Colfax. Despite the difficulty of the journey to California, immigrants often brought a sentimental bit of home with them and tried to recreate at least some of the pleasures and comforts they had known back in the more settled parts of the States.

Used: California | Eliza Lang Harmon Perkins

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