late 19th c.
1.5 in|2 in WIDE
(3.81 cm|5.08 cm WIDE)
Museum Purchase

Early California Art and History, Science Special Gallery, December 2007 - September 2009

Miner's crevice tool. Description: 2-piece curved handle cruciform steel blade through bolts bent around handle blade bent at 45 degree angle. Rounds off at point. History: Made by Angels Foundry, Altaville. Dimensions: 9 1/2" long, handle 1 1/2" wide, blade 2" wide. From the History Information Station: Object: Steel crevassing tool with wood handle. History: One of the places to find gold is between layers of rock. To get at it, the forty-niners used sharp instruments like this to scrape it out of the crevasse.

Used: mining

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