Framed map. (Double-page engraved map). Description: Caption in Spanish. "New Geographical Map of Northern America belonging to the Viceroyalty of Mexico, dedicated to the learned members of the Royal Academy of Sciences, Paris, by their devoted servant and chaplain, Don Joseph Antonio de Alzate y Ramirez. 1768. Key lists archbishopric of Mexico, bishoprics of Puebla, Oaxaco, Valladolid, Guadalajara, Durango. Key symbols for clerical and secular hdgts. Map corrected as a result of Mr. Chappe's voyage. History: Humboldt in his Political Essays on...New Spain mentions this as having been hitherto looked on as the best map of Mexico." Besides showing in detail the locations & dates of Father Kino's activities, the map shows San Antonio de Bejar and Texas missions. This area labeled "Provincia de los Texas," an early record of Texas as a province. Map, prob. an issue of about 1772 as shown by the reference to the French expedition of 1769 to observe the transit of Venus, results of which were published in 1. 772References: Lowery 516; Wagner 612: pubd in both Madrid and Paris; "Wheat 149: French ed., re-engraved in Paris by Dezauche "has some curious errors."
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