18.5 in HIGH x 13.625 in WIDE
(46.99 cm HIGH x 34.61 cm WIDE)
Museum Purchase

Map. Description: tinted map (tinting done at later date than map); San Diego, Calif Bay and San Blass, Mexico. From the History Information Station: Object: Map of the Port of San Diego which dates to 1798. History: Tinted Map, "Plan of the Port of San Diego in California...From a survey in 1782; Plan of the Port and Department of S. Blas...From a survey in November, 1777." History: San Diego was named by Sebastian Vizca�no in 1602. Under the auspices of the Spanish Viceroy of Mexico, Vizca�no had undertaken the exploration of the California coast looking for a good harbor for Spain's trading ships which sailed between Mexico and the Philippine Islands. In November of 1602, Vizca�no wrote in his diary: "On the twelfth of the said month, which was the day of the glorious San Diego, the general, admiral, religious, captains, ensigns, and almost all the men went on shore. A hut was built and mass was said in celebration of the feast of Se_or San Diego." Museum Purchase
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