17.5 in HIGH
(44.45 cm HIGH)
Gift of Mr. Albert Sanchez

Doll. Description: Porcelain head, leather hands. Dressed in new clothing History: Doll belonged to Miss Winifred Claire Lewis, Oakland resident, born in Paso Robles. Doll had belonged to her mother Clara Lewis who came from Iowa (as Clara Schnucle) by train to Paso Robles. The doll was given as a gift when Clara was 8 years old; it looked at the time as if it were not new. But it was bought in California. Family was from Germany. The doll was given in 1893. The family were ranchers in the Paso Robles area. Dressed in Christening clothes that were passed down as play clothes. However, the cousin of the donor (Mrs. Oscar Agraz) redressed the doll in a newly made dress for presentation to the museum. warehouse Shoulder plate is broken with piece missing. (R.Tickner 12/01) This doll is a common low brow china head with a broken shoulderplate and chipped nose. She is on a muslin stuffed body with leather arms and no hands. The body is replaced and has been sewn over the shoulder plate so we cannot view the whole shoulder plate. Her clothing is replaced and consists of 2 layers of white undergarments, a green nylon slip, and a grean synthetic brocade dress trimmed with white nylon lace and black velvet ribbon. Her shoes are replaced as are her nylon stockings. She is accompanied by a pink pillow trimmed with white nylon lace.

Used: Winifred Claire Lewis ~ Oakland

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