30.5 in HIGH x 6.5 in WIDE x 2 in DEEP
(77.47 cm HIGH x 16.51 cm WIDE x 5.08 cm DEEP)
Museum Purchase

Bake irons. Description: wafer bake irons; symbols impressed onto wafer -- cruxifix and IHS History: from San Juan Bautista From the Information Station Object: Wafer iron made of two large square plates held by iron tongs. The inner surface of the plates is engraved with a crucifix (a representation of Christ on the cross), and IHS (an acronym for the Latin phrase Iesus Hominum Salvator, meaning Jesus Savior of Men). History: This wafer iron, or hierro de hacer hostias, was used at Mission San Juan Bautista in the preparation of communion breads to be used at Mass. Since the 11th century, the Church has used only unleavened bread made of pure wheaten flour mixed with water. To bake the wafer or bread, the wafer iron was preheated in a fire and the thin batter poured between the plates. Museum Purchase

Used: San Juan Bautista | Crucifix

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