Painting. Description: Mexican oil painting, Portrait of Fernando VII. A half length in profile, painted in an oval. Ferdinand VII in blue suit with white embroidery at front closure, blue and white ribbon, order, red, cloak, powdered hair. Inscription at bottom "FERDINANDUS VII D. G. HISPAN. ET IND. REX" Oil of canvas. History: King of Spain and the Indies. Born 1784, died 1833. Dimensions: 51" x 39" including frame; 43 3/4 x 31 1/4" without frame From the History Information Station: Object: Portrait of Ferdinand VII, oil on wood panel, painted in Mexico in the 19th century. History: Ferdinand VII (1784-1833) was king of Spain and its colonies from March 1808 till his death in 1833. For the first four years of his reign, Ferdinand was held prisoner in France by Napoleon. During this period, Spain's grip on her colonies loosened and by 1813, Spanish America was partly independent. After Ferdinand's return to the throne, the political manipulations of his ministers meant that he was unable to reinforce his armies in America or to persuade the British government to collaborate at reconquest. By 1826, all Spain's possessions in the Americas had become independent. The bloody fighting for independence in Mexico did not extend to California. In 1822, Alta California accepted rule by Mexico, and Spanish flags were replaced by Mexican ones almost without incident. Museum Purchase
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