Real estate advertisement. The lots shown in this advertisement are situated in four separate areas of Oakland; the first group of lots (54 in all) is situated on 16th and 17th Aves. bounded by East 19th St. and Alley Way, close to Independence Square (now San Antonio Park); the second group of lots (7 in all) is on Chase and Cedar Sts.; the third group (4 lots) is on Harrison St. between 14th and 15th Sts. A single lot, not shown on any of the maps, is located on Hawthorne St. near Telegraph Ave. (4/2002, G. Weininger, from DeWitt Jones, Oakland Parks and Playgrounds, 1935): Originally called Independence Square when it was deeded to the city of Brooklyn in 1854, San Antonio Park was known as Independence Park at the time Brooklyn was annexed to Oakland in 1872. It is the oldest public grounds in Oakland. In the old days it was the site of bullfights, bull and bear fights, horse races and fiestas, and was also used as an execution grounds and as a signal site for announcing arrivals and departures of ships from Embarcadero San Antonio.

Used: William F. Boardman

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