The areas shown on this blueprint map are Lake Merritt and the neighborhoods around its perimiter. The undeveloped area north of the lake is identified by the name Edson Adams. Bibliography: The Beginnings of Oakland, California, A. U. C., By Peter Thomas Conmey, Published in 1961 by Oakland Public Library. Edson Adams , one of the founders of the city of Oakland, was born in Fairfield County, Connecticut May 18, 1824. He arrived in San Francisco in July of 1849 and went to the mines in September. On May 16, 1850 (in company with Horace Carpentier and Andrew Moon) he landed at what is now the foot of Broadway in Oakland. He was a very competent business man. On May 3, 1855, he married Hannah J. Jayne. He died in 1888.

Used: William F. Boardman

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