The "Tract List" compiled by Quentin dates the Linda Vista Terrace Tract at 1896. The area shown on the map is bordered on the north by Monte Vista Ave, on the south by Moss Ave, on the west by Vernon St., and on the east by Pearl St. Oakland Ave., Walsworth Ave., El Dorado Ave., and Mariposa Ave. are the roughly north-south streets that intersect the area. Walsworth Ave. is today that part of Harrison St. above the MacArthur Freeway. Heron & Holcomb are offering the subdivided area for sale. Pictured in this fold-up brochure are the residences of E.A. Heron, Richard Derby, and W.W. Garthwaite. It is stated that all the streets in the area have been graded to official grade, and 7,660 linear feet of Ironstone street sewers have been laid. Also shown on the map are the names of purchasers of specific lots.

Used: William F. Boardman

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