The area shown on the map on the verso of this advertisement lies, from what is today, between Piedmont Ave. and Oakland Ave. from about MacArthur Blvd. on the south to Pleasant Valley Ave or Gleneden Ave. to the north. A portion of this tract -- the northeast part -- appears now to be in the City of Piedmont. "44 large subdivisions of from 1 to 3 acres each at peremptory auction Saturday, June 18, 1887..." William J. Dingee is shown to be the real estate auctioneer and Easton & Eldridge in San Francisco are also real estate agents. "This property is better than Piedmont for the following reasons: First. because it is fifteen minutes nearer to Oakland. Second. Because there is only one street-car fare. Third. Because the soil is richer. Fourth. Because the view form this Tract fully equals that of Piedmont."

Used: William F. Boardman

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