The area shown on the map is at the junction of Claremont Ave. and College Ave. Alcatraz Ave. is the northern boundary street, with Sharon St., Norris St., Thomson St. and Hersey Sts. being the parallel streets to the Claremont-College junction. Colby Ave. is the western border street. The "Tract List" compiled by Quentin dates the Claremont Ave. Tract at 1890; the "List" does not mention the Luke Doe Tract. As a promotional offer, 2 $5,000 houses were to be given away; the first was to go one of the purchasers in the tract when one fourth cash had been paid upon each of said 200 lots. The second $5000 house was to be given away to the person who sold or bought the greatest number of lots in the tract, when the entirety of said 200 lots had been sold and one fourth had been paid on said 200 lots. M.J. Laymance & Co. are shown to be the real estate agents. A map on p. 4 of this leaflet shows most of Oakland and some of Berkeley, with the Claremont Avenue Tract shaded black.

Used: William F. Boardman

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