Peremptory sale of the Joseph M;. Dillon Property fronting on Oak, Fallon, Seventh and Sixth Streets Oakland...
Gift of Mr. William G. Boardman

The lots to be sold at auction are on Oak St., Fallon St., Seventh St., and Sixth St. In addition to the 36 lots being auctioned off, a residence of 24 rooms, baths, large verandas, etc., ($20,000 to build) and its dependencies is offered. It is stated that Madison Park is only one block away and Harrison Park only three blocks. There are cement sidewalks and handsome ornamental trees around the entire property. The property owner is Joseph M. Dillon; the agents cited are William J. Dingee, Easton, Eldridge & Co., and J.H. MacDonald & Co.

Used: William F. Boardman

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