The area shown on this subdivision map is bound on the west by San Pablo Ave. and Lowell St. on the east; Stanford Ave. is the northern boundary and Menlo Ave. (probabaly Aileen St.) is the southern boundary. Besides being on the boundary streets, the lots are also located on Neil St., Park St. Buena Vista Ave., Arlington Ave., Grace Ave. and Los Angeles St. "Subdivided February 1890 by W.F. Boardman, C.E." An index map of the Golden Gate Tract as a darkened area is on the last page of this leaflet. Woodward & Merrill, F.Boegle & Co. and J.O. Watkins are shown to be the real estate agents. H.H. Matlock & Son is cited as the auctioneer. "Near the terminus of the San Pablo Ave. Cable Line, and only two minutes walk from the local train."

Used: William F. Boardman

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