In this 8-page leaflet, a number of separate properties are offered at auction. On p. 2, an area situated on San Pablo Ave., Grove and Curve Sts., consisting of 20 lots is offered. On p. 3, lots facing Telegraph Ave. at its intersection with Merrimac St. are shown. On p. 4, lots fronting on Webster (at the point it intersects Broadway) and Merrimac St. are offered. On [p.] 5, a portion of the square block bounded by 18th St., West St., 19th St. and Brush St. has 12 lots for sale. On [p.] 6, four lots facing Broadway between Locust (or 23rd St.) and 22nd St. are offered. On p. 7, lots facing Perry St., Oakland Ave. and Orange St. are for sale. On p. 8, a residence at the southeast corner of 5th Ave. and east 11th St. is being offered at auction.

Used: William F. Boardman

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