Lots on this drawing are located on Orchard Ave., Brook St., Central St., Webster Ave. (now Piedmont Ave.) and College Ave. Brook St. appears to be the only street name that has not been changed since this map was made. "This tract is located about one mile from Oakland, bounded on the north by the Pacific Female College; on the east by the Creek, on the south by the Oakland Homestead and on the west by Webster Street." Buena Vista Homestead is shown to be due west of Webster St. on this map. The Acadedmy Homestead is not listed in the "Tract List" compiled by Quentin. The Buena Vista Homestead is dated by Quentin at 1868, and the Oakland Homestead at 1865. W.F. Boardman is cited as the County Surveyor. It appears that the Pacific Female College is also known as the Female College of the Pacific. E. Bigelow and Olney and Co. are the real estate agents for this subdivision. There is a handwritten note on this document indicating that it was revised Sept. 2, 1867.

Used: William F. Boardman

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