The area shown on the large map runs from Broadway on the east to Clay St. on the west; the southern boundary street is 14th and the northern boundary street is Durant (or 19th). The lots for sale are on both sides of 18th St. between Telegraph Ave. and San Pablo Ave. A newspaper clipping has been pasted onto the map; it lists who the purchasers of the lots are and what the prices were paid for them. Some of the structures identified on the map are: Bellevue House (at the intersection of Broadway and Telegraph Ave.) the Post Office (at the intersection of Broadway and San Pablo Ave.), City Hall, City Library, and Centennial House. There are horse rail roads on Telegraph Ave., San Pablo Ave., Broadway, and 14th St. In addition to the lots being auctioned off, a residence on the west side of Harrison St. near 14th St. is also offered. Woodward & Taggart and H.M. Newhall & Co. are the real estate agents and J.O. Eldridge, the auctioneer. An index map showing the Campbell Tract as a darkly shaded area is also provided. (D. Cooper, 1/1999) The placement of the fire alarm bell is clearly shown near City Hall. A map on the reverse shows the marshes in West Oakland and Alameda as well as planned, I guess, estension of streets into what is shown as water. These may be land fill projects anticipated as the result of dredging by the Army Corps of Engineers. San Antonio Creek is shown as the Oakland Harbor; San Antonio Slough has become Lake Merritt.

Used: William F. Boardman

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