The lots shown on this subdivision map front on Telegraph Ave., San Pablo Ave., 16th St. and 17th St. It is noted that the property was surveyed March, 1877, by T.J. Arnold, City-Engineer.Olney & Co. and J.O. Eldridge are cited as the auctioneers. H.M. Newhall & Co. of San Francisco are also listed as real estate agents. Some of the structure sites shown on the map are: Bellevue House (at the junction of Broadway and Telegraph Ave.), the Mansion House and Stewart's Hotel (on Broadway), the Oakland City Hall, and the Centennial House (at the corner of 14th and Clay Sts.) There are also churches, stores, and livery stables located. A smaller index map showing the mentioned property darkly shaded, is also provided. This particular tract is not mentioned in the "Tract List" compiled by Quentin; a different Potter Tract is, however, cited and dated at 1892. The advertisement is printed on yellow paper.

Used: William F. Boardman

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