The lots shown on this subdivision map are confined to the area bounded by San Pablo Ave. on the west and Adeline St. on the east. The northern boundary street is Parsons Ave. and Lulu Ave. is the southern boundary street. The other streets intersecting San Pablo Ave. and Adeline St. are Central Ave. and Mattie Ave. In present-day Oakland, this area would probably be from 53d - 56th Sts. In addition, some of the area shown is probably in present-day Emeryville. There is also an index map which shows this tract as darkly shaded. The Oakland Trotting Park is shown to be south and west of the tract. Temescal Creek traverses the area from east to west, between Lulu Ave. and Mattie Ave. A newspaper clipping is pasted onto the tract map which lists the purchasers and the prices paid for the lots that were sold.

Used: William F. Boardman

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