The lots shown on this subdivision map are bounded on the west by San Pablo Ave. and on the east by Gaskill St. Parsons St. is the southern boundary street and Menlo St. is the northern boundary St. The street in between Menlo and Parsons is Sutter; the street in between San Pablo and Gaskill is Park St. The present-day area covered here is probably from 55th St. to Aileen St. "Subdivided January 1877...W.F. Boardman, C.E." "This Tract...is nearly opposite the residence of A.C. Deitz, Esq..." D.L. Emerson & Co. is shown to be the real estate agent. "The average price of these lots is less than $400; $60 to $75 down and the balance in installments or otherwise as per agreement between the parties, with interest at the rate of nine per cent. per annum."

Used: William F. Boardman

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