The lots shown on this subdivision map are bounded on the south partially by 41st, 42d, 43d, and 44th Sts.; the northern boundary of the subdivision is Temescal Creek. Telegraph Ave. is the eastern boundary street and Adeline St. is the western boundary. There are lots shown to front on Adeline, Linden, Market, West, Grove, Shattuck, and Telegraph Ave.; the numbered streets with frontages are 41st-50th Sts. "Subdivided according to the general plan of streets, W.F. Boardman County Surveyer &c. &c." To the northeast of Temescal Creek is shown the site of the residence of S.E. Alden, Esqr. (D. Cooper, 7/98) The residence of S. E. Alden at 51st and Dover Streets was purchased in 1913 to become the beginnings of Children's Hospital.

Used: William F. Boardman

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