The lots shown on this subdivision map are bounded on the south by 28th St. and on the north by 32d St.; the eastern boundary street is Linden, and the western boundary street is Center St. Within this area there are lots on Chestnut, Adeline, Magnolia, Union, Louise, Peralta, Ellen, Hannah, and Ettie Sts. The area presented here is quite similar to that in record h69.38.1659, but the northern boundary street in that record is 34th St. rather than 32d St., and some of the street names are different. In addition, in this 1868 map, 30th St. is shown to be parallel to 28th and dead-ends at Peralta St. On the other map, there is no Peralta St., and 30th St. dead-ends at Adeline St. This (the 1868 map) appears to be the more correct drawing.

Used: William F. Boardman

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