The lots shown on this subdivision map are in the area, today, probably bounded on the south by Grand Ave., on the east by MacArthur, on the west by Perkins St., and bounded on the north probably by Jane or Adams St. The street names given on the map have not survived, with the exception of Lake Shore Ave., but that street is not the current Lake Shore Ave.; it is Grand Ave. The names on the map are: Alta Ave., Moss Ave. (not the current Moss Ave.), Concord Ave., Spring St., Summer St., Coral St. Crystal St., Planet St., Star St., Liberty St., Pacific Ave., and Lillie Ave. Lillie Ave. is probably either Jane or Adams St. Concord St. is probably either Perkins or Staten St. The lots on the subdivision map are tinted a faded red. Also shown, is an index map with the Lake Side Tract tinted also a faded red. The town of Clinton is shown on the index map as is San Antonio Creek. "This beautiful property, adjoining the Walsworth and Adams Tracts, and in the immediate vicinity of the City of Oakland is undoubtedly, in many respects, the most desirable yet offered for sale. The avenues of approach are convenient, connecting with Broadway, Webster St. & Telegraph Avenue. It has a large frontage on the Lake which will be formed by the dam at Oakland Bridge 12th St, the materials for this dam, being contracted for, the work will be speedily commenced..." At the time this advertisement was printed, the northern city limits of Oakland was 14th St., and Clinton had not yet been incorporated. This broadside is in poor condition. The "Tract List" compiled by Quentin dates the Lake Side Tract at 1870.

Used: William F. Boardman

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