The area shown on this map is bounded by Adams St. on the north and in part, by Grand Ave. on the south; from part of Lee St. going east, Van Buren Ave. is the southern boundary street. The western boundary street is Park View Terrace, and Euclid Ave. is the eastern boundary street. There are lots also fronting on Lenox Ave., Lee St., Perkins St., Palm Ave., Warwick Ave, Jayne Ave., and Manhattan Ave. (now Bellevue St.) "...here may be found the magnificent homes of Hon. George C. Perkins, United States Senator; Alexander Young, Hawaiian Planter; William Letts Oliver, Capitalist; John L. Howard, President of Western Fuel Company; Mrs. Orestes Pierce; A.L. Stone, of E.B. & A.L. Stone Compoany; Charles G. Yale, of Scientific Mining Press; Mrs. Florence E. Wells, F.M. Greenwood, Merchant; B.S. Noyes, Attorney; Frederick Magee, of Thomas Merchant; J.E. Farnum, Banker; Charles D. Bates, City Treasurer of Oakland, and many others of Oakland's most prominent and influential citizens." Included in this brochure are photographs of the residences of Alex Young, Geo. C. Perkins, A.L. Stone, Samuel Hubbard, Mrs. F.E. Wells, and Philip Conradi. A photograph of Adams Park, at Grand Avenue, Bay Place and Montecito Ave. is also a part of the brochure. J.H. Macdonald & Company is the real estate agent. It is stated that the Highland Subdivision is a portion of plot 21 V. & D. Peralta Rancho.

Used: William F. Boardman

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