This real estate advertisement appeared as a full page ad in the Oakland Tribune, Tuesday evening, December 22, 1908; the Realty Syndicate is offering the subdivision lots for sale. The streets shown on the map are: Montecito Ave., Moraga Rd., Estrella Ave., Ramona Ave., Loreta Ave., Park Way, Dracena Ave., Hillside Ave., Bonita Ave., Blair Ave., Carmel Ave., and Oakland Ave. It appears that Carmel Ave. is today's El Cerrito Ave. Dracena Park is shown on the map bounded by Park Way, Dracena Ave., Blair Ave., and Montecita Ave. The verso of this page has a drawing of Oakland, Alameda Co. and suburnbs. The major roads, streets, and railroad lines are shown for the area; the northern most area shown is Vallejo, and Warm Springs is at the southernmost area of the map. Major industries and manufacturies of the time are detailed as are significant landmarks of the era.

Used: William F. Boardman

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