There are three maps on this broadside; there is an index map showing the Toland Tract shaded pink, and the Bay View Homestead Tract shaded with close-set parallel lines. In addition, there is a separate map for the Toland Tract (upper left-hand corner) and a separate map for the Bay View Homestead Tract (lower right-hand corner. The Toland Tract is comprised of 1 l/2 city blocks with Seward St. (probably 10th St.) Wood St., Lincoln St. (probably 11th St.), and Willow St. as the boundary streets. The entire block delineated by Wood, Lincoln, Willow and Seward Sts. is part of the tract; half of the block bounded by Willow, Lincoln, Seward and Campbell Sts. (not shown on the map) is the remainder of the tract. The Bay View Homestead Tract is bounded on the west by Peralta St., Railroad Ave. (7th St.) on the north, Center St. on the east, and West 1st St. on the south. Lots are shown fronting on west 3rd St., west 5th St. and Railroad Ave. The north-south streets with frontages are Peralta St., Lewis St., Henry St., Chester St., and Center St. The "Tract List" compiled by Quentin dates both the Toland Tract and the Bay View Homestead Tract at 1868.

Used: William F. Boardman

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