The area of this subdivision is shown to be at the junction of College Ave. and Broadway, with subdivided lots on both the eastern and western side of Broadway. Besides Broadway and College Ave., only a few street names have survived to today -- Bryant Ave., Thomas Ave., and Clifton Ave. The Broadway Terrace Tract is bounded on the north by the Rock Ridge Park Tract, and on the south by the Vernon Tract in such a way as to make the Broadway Terrace Tract a diamond-shaped area. A number of the lots in the subdivision have been hand tinted in red, light blue, and tan. If one compares this 1890 map to a contemporary one, it is clear the subdivision did not develop as intended, for it bears little resemblance to the configuration of streets and street names today. George L. Nusbaumer is cited as the subdivider and County Surveyor. E.W. Woodward & Co., the Carnall Fitzhugh Hopkins Co., D. Pratt, and W.R. Thomas are shown to be the real estate agents. At head of title: "The Athens of the Pacific Coast." Also included is an index map showing the subject area as darkly shaded.

Used: William F. Boardman

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