The area of this subdivision is within the boundary streets of Shell Rd., Newton Ave., Clinton Ave., Watson Ave., and Prospect Ave. The Watson Tract is shown, on the index map, to be east of Lake Merritt and just north of what is today presumed to be Park Blvd. "This Association has pourchased six of the most desirably located blocks in the Watson Tract of land in Brooklyn, Alameda County, and has divided it into shares of Three Hundred and Fifty ($350) each, to be paid for in installments of Fifteen Dollars ($15) each for the first two months, and the remainder in Ten-Dollar ($10) monthly payments for thirty-two months..." William Stuart and R.N. Williams are cited as the agents. (D. Cooper, 2/1999) Small inset map shows relationship of Oakland, Brooklyn Township and Alameda. Piers are drawn on the map extending from 7th St. out at Oakland Point, the Central Pacific pier extending out from the rail line coming down from Berkeley, and a pier crossing Alamead/Encinal and extending from the rail line coming from north from San Leandro. It would seem that this map is after the railroad arrived in 1869 but perhaps prior to the annexation of Brooklyn by Oakland in the 1870s.

Used: William F. Boardman

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