The area of this subdivision is bounded on the west by High St. and on the east by Bay Ave. (52d St.?) The southern boundary street is east 8th St. and east 14th St. is the northern boundary street. The north-south streets within the subdivision (and parallel to High St.) are Blaine Ave., Harrison Ave., Cleveland Ave., Austin Ave., Jackson Ave., and Calhoun Ave. Lots also front on east 10th and 12th Sts. Melrose Station is shown on the map on 8th St., between Cleveland and Austin Aves. S. S. Austin, and William J. Dingee are the listed real estate agents. There is an index map included which shows the subdivision as darkly shaded. There are 450 lots included in this private sale. The brochure is printed on green ink on cream colored paper. The subdivision shown in h69.38.1687 is also identified as the Huntington Tract, but is, in reality, only a small part of the subdivision; it would appear that the area described in this brochure is the entire tract.

Used: William F. Boardman

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