The area of this subdivision is bounded on the west by Fruit Vale Ave. and on the east by what is probably 34th Ave. The southern boundary street is East 14th St. (or San Leandro Road), and the northern boundary street is the Old County Road (East 16th St.?) Bray Ave. bisects the subdivision in a north-south direction. The sale is ordered by C.C. Knox and Frank Otis, assignees of W.A. Bray. Each lot is about 1 acre and there are 55 lots. William J. Dingee and Easton & Eldridge are cited as the real estate agents. Also included is an index map which shows the Bray Tract as a darkly shaded area; a second fragment of a tract (5 59/100 acres) is also shown on the index map at east 14th St. and Liese Ave. This is not the street that currently bears the name of Liese Ave.; this street is perpendicular to east 14th St. This brochure is printed in blue ink on cream colored paper.

Used: William F. Boardman

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