Map of the Fifty Associates Tract, East Oakland...
Gift of Mr. William G. Boardman

The area of this tract is bounded on the west by 22d Ave. and on the east by 25th Ave. The southern boundary is 16th St. and the northern boundary is 22d St. The east-west streets are 17th-21st, and the north-south streets within the subdivision are 23d and 24th Aves. The "Tract List" compiled by Quentin dates the Fifty Associates Tract at 1885. P.H. Blake is cited as the real estate agent. The advertisement is printed on pink paper. Copy B of this document has pasted to it a clipping from a newspaper dated December 15, 1888; in the clipping there is a map of the subdivision which shows lots which have been sold, structures built, and lots remaining to be sold. E.C. Sessions is cited as the owner of the subdivision in the clipping.

Used: William F. Boardman

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