The Clinton Mound Tract is bound on the west by Walnut or Grand Ave, and on the east by Mountain View Ave. The northern boundary street is Almost St. (Bancroft Ave.) and the southern boundary is Fourth Ave. (Cherry St.) The other east-west streets are Sunnytside, Olive, and Orange (Birch St.) Orchard Ave. (96th St.?) bisects the subdivision in a north-south direction. The "Tract List" compiled by Quentin dates the Marian Tract at 1892. "Note:--The Mairon Tract is a subdivision into lots of plots Nos. 6, 7, 8, and 9, as said plots are shonw {!] on 'Map of the Stone Subdivision' filed August 1, 1889, in the office of the Recorder of Alameda Co., Cal."

Used: William F. Boardman

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