Map of the property of Mrs. Julia T. Moss
Gift of Mr. William G. Boardman

The area described in this original map appears to be roughly that of the current Mosswood Park. The western boundary street is Gold St. (Webster?) and the eastern boundary street is Broadway. The northern boundary street is Moss Ave. (MacArthur Blvd.) and the southern boundary street is not shown, but it is probably the old Charter Line, the current 36th St. Mosswood Creek is shown meandering through the 11.973-acre lot. Also shown are the sites of the structures on the land; they include a carriage house, stable, cottage, and main residence with an attached conservatory. Other street names shown are: Diamond St., Silver St., Grand Ave., and Sherman Ave. None of these street names has survived to the present time. (4/2002, G. Weininger, from DeWitt Jones, Oakland Parks and Playgrounds, 1935): The Mosswood Park estate was purchased by Oakland for $72,000 in 1912 as the result of efforts of Mayor Frank Mott. The park is now the site of the Vagabond Theatre, a large truck with a well-equipped stage, which moves around among California towns.

Used: William F. Boardman

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