Map showing a subdivision of block 23 of the North Alameda Tract...
Gift of Mr. William G. Boardman

This subdivision is bounded on the west by 23d Ave, on the north by Warder St., on the east by Park St., and on the south by Boehmer St. With the exception of 23d Ave., none of the other street names has survived to the present. The northern portion of the subdivision is a triangle formed by 23d Ave., Warder St., and property described only as being in the possession of J. Lewis. The lines formed by the J. Lewis property and Warder St. come to a point at Park St. The southern portion of the subdivision is in the shape of a trapezoid formed by 23d Ave., Warder St., Park St. and Boehmer St. "We the undersigned owners of the property delineated upon this map hereby certify and declare that it is that part of the North Alameda Tract, Filed March 29 1889 shown thereon as Block No. 23, and that the portion designated as Warder Street is hereby dedicated to use as a public street."

Used: William F. Boardman

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