This map of the Fairview Tract shows lots for sale by Carl & Co.: "Terms, 1/4 cash, 1/4 in 6 months, 1/4 in 12 months." The property is bounded by University Ave. on the west, Alcatraz Ave. on the north, Dana St. on the east, and Prince St. on the south. Prince St. is written in in pencil. Bowditch and Choate streets run north-south through the property. Fairview (written in pencil) and Woolsey Streets run east-west. Woolsey St. is written in pencil with Fairview Ave. crossed out. The map includes an index map showing the property in relation to the State University, Deaf & Dumb Asylum, Female College of the Pacific, the College of California, and San Antonio Creek. The Oakland railroad and San Francisco & Oakland railroads are shown. Some of the street names presumably have been changed. The "Tract List" compiled by Quentin does not list this tract.

Used: William F. Boardman

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