3 in HIGH
(7.62 cm HIGH)
Gift of Mr. William G. Boardman

Sextant From the History Information Station: Object: Sextant, used to measure the altitude of the sun from which geographical positions can be calculated for mapping and boundary surveys. History: This sextant belonged to William F. Boardman, Oakland City Engineer and Alameda County Surveyor. In addition to his work for the city and county, Mr. Boardman performed surveys for Anthony Chabot's Contra Costa Water Company, the Oakland Water Company, and several other water companies in the Bay Area and around the state. Gift of William G. Boardman, Margaret Hildebrand, and Alice Boardman William F. Boardman: Surveyor without Parallel William F. Boardman was born in Salisbury, Connectucut in 1824. Like many easterners, he left his family and rushed to California in 1851. Settling in San Francisco, he operated a hardware business among other enterprises. A sober, hard-working man he wrote volumes of letters to his wife, eventually convincing her to bring the family west. He moved to Oakland in 1858, and took up civil engineering, which he had studied in the east. His first major project was the re-survey of San Francisco between 1864 and 1868. He also surveyed the route of the Central Pacific Railroad lines between Truckee and the summit of the Sierra Nevada. The clear and precise maps he drew are still in use. After his retirement from public service, Mr. Boardman worked with Anthony Chabot in the development of Oakland's water system.

Used: William F. Boardman

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