Photograph. Description: Looking southeast Physical Description: Black and white print, 8 3/4" x 13", with border. Aerograph Company

From "East Oakland and Fruit Vale", April 1888, page 14: The estuary along the water-front of East Oakland has for many years been the winter refuge of the fleet of Arctic whalers, the steamers and sailing vessels of the Alaska Commercial Company, and also of many coasting vessels. Before the inauguration of the present local train system, Brooklyn, now the business center of East Oakland, was the eastern system of the ferry system connecting Oakland with San Francisco. East Oakland has a frontage upon this harbor, which can be made valuable for commerical and manufacturing purposes, of more than 1 1/2 miles....The probablity that Congress will appropriate a large amount for further improvement of the harbor, especially in this protion of the esturay, including the construction of a canal through the Alameda peninsula to San Leandro Bay, should be a satisfactory inducement for the improvement of this water-front and the development of many new and profitable enterprises. To capitalists who may desire to secure sites for manufacturing or other industrial interests we promise hearty co-operation and encouragement on the part of our citizens. A cursory investigatiopn of the facilities afforded by the water-front of East Oakalnd will convince the most casual observer of the possibilities, both present and future, for a great manufacturing center.

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